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When these two sexy futanari cops were set a task to close illegal porn video studio they didn’t know what was waiting for them inside. But as soon as they burst into the studio they both were caught by the dudes in the studio and forced to sex in front of the camera. Their cops uniform was pulled down. And their mouths and assholes were stuffed with huge rock hard cocks of the porn studio actors. Later horny >futanari sluts confessed that was the best fucking in their lives!

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When an american dude Ken has got a challenge to fight with hot asian chick Lee he was absolutely confident in himself. Especially that Lee looked exactly like Ken loved. Well shaped athletic body, big boobs, long legs, sexy round ass. And he was absolutely sure that Lee had a sweet juicy Ken won but he was really shocked when he realized that Lee had a big futanari dick instead of a pussy. Though that fat didn’t stop him and Ken fucked that amazing asian futanari chick hard as he planned!

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Today we’ve got another famous futanari toon for all the fans! This time Sexy April O’Neil is learning the the ways of the ninja from her good friend Leonardo, leader of the ninja turtles. She really wants to be able to kick some ass if she has to do but during their exercises Leonardo and April suddenly gets horny! Leonardo discovers that April also has a big futanari dick and doesn’t mind to get his turtle’s green ass fucked by her!

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